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Find keywords with low SEO difficulty

Our tool helps you to find keywords that you can easily rank for, all what you need to do is finding keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume.

OUR PRODUCTKeyword Research

Built in indicators to help you find keywords with low SEO difficulty

Our tool provides you with a set of indicators that helps you to find keywords with low SEO difficulty. each keyword has a score that indicates how difficult it is to rank for.


Everything you need to deploy our tool

We provide you with a set of tools and a simple and straightforward interface, just like exactly how SEO tools should be.


Our tool is very easy to use and straight forward interface that speed up the keyword research.


Our algorithms gives each keyword an SEO ranking score, this saves you a lot of time finding the right keywords to rank for

Search Volume

Find keywords and create content based on search volumes, identify trends and seasonal keywords that will boost traffic.


You have full control over the list of keywords that you fetch, add them to your favourite to keep them in a safe place.

Export Keywords

When you are done with your research export the list of keywords to your computer in a single click.


You are an advertiser? we got you, our tool returns the cost per click for most of the keywords.

PRICINGCompare our plans and find yours

We've got a pricing plan that's perfect for you, we beleive that keyword research tools should be accessible to all companies and individuals who want to find keywords with low SEO difficulty.


$0 per month

Limited use, only for trying out our tool and get a feel of it.

Get Started

$10 per month

Pro, for those who want to use our tool with all of features .

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